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Collision Repair


We Accept All Insurance Providers!

Most insurances will recommend you to one of their designated auto repair shops. This does not mean that you are obligated to take your vehicle to that shop. Insurance companies have predetermined rate agreements with those shops. As a consumer you have the right to take your vehicle to a body shop of your choosing and the insurance company is required to pay a fair price for your repair. 

Our Repair Process

1. Drop Off Vehicle

Your automotive repair process begins by you dropping off your vehicle. Our estimator will write you a preliminary estimate based on a thorough visual inspection. At this point you can leave your vehicle and our team will follow up and complete your repair. 

2. Teardown/ Body Repair

Some accidents require a tear down (disassembly) to examine any additional damages that may be not initially visible. Our technicians disassemble the area being repaired noting any additional damages. The team then repairs any body damage and preps the vehicle for the next phase.   

3. Paint Repair

After the vehicles body damage has been repaired, the damaged area is expertly prepared and cleaned for our Painter to apply a fresh coat of paint and clear coat.  

4. Buff and Polish

Once the paint has cured, our team gives the clear coat a light sanding to remove any minor inconsistencies on the finish. We follow that by buffing and polishing the refinished panels bringing it to a near factory finish. 

4. Reassembly

Any exterior trims, license plates, moldings and anything removed during the repair process is reassembled. Once completed we enter our final repair phase. 

5. Clean/Quality Assurance

Your vehicle receives a wash to remove any buffing compounds and dust accumulated through the repair process. The wash also allows us to do a thorough inspection on the vehicle to ensure that the repair meets our high standard for quality.

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